Imation DC SLR-60 Tape 30/60GB

41115 - New Imation DC SLR-60 Tape 30/60GB

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Product Description

41115 IMATION DC SLR-60 Tape 30/60GB

Product Summary

These precision-engineered cartridges are perfect for backing up files and archiving data. To save you time and spare you aggravation, they're optimized for automation. When it comes to consistent, error-free operation, these high quality cartridges have few rivals. For additional convenience, they also feature an extended shelf life. For Drive Type: MLR SLR Compatibility: SLR100 SLR140 SLR60 SLR75 Maximum Native Data Capacity: 30 GB Maximum Compressed Data Capacity: 60 GB.

Product Features

Tape Technology:SLR - SLRtape60
Storage Capacity:30 GB (Native)/60 GB (Compressed)
Tape Width:0.25"
Recording Method:Linear Serpentine
Drive Supported:DDS-3
Durability:2000 Tape Passes

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