Benefits of Recycling Tape Media

  • Recycle– Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and landfill pollution! Your sitting tape media is valuable just like aluminum cans or any other recycled electronic asset.
  • Reuse – Storage Media can clear and re-certify your old tapes for reuse. By the time we are done with your tapes it will be as if they were brand new!

Storage Media Offers Multiple Tape Media Recycling Services:

  1. Clear – Storage Media will quick-erase your tape media, write a random-fill/test pattern to the tape, and certify it for reuse
  2. Purge – Storage Media will securely erase all data on the tape media, and will certify the media for reuse.
  3. Destroy – Storage Media will completely degauss the Tape Media, ensuring that data is thoroughly eradicated.

Storage Media takes your data security very seriously; our over 40 years of experience and reach gives us access to resource and techniques to provide off-the-shelf products and custom-built solutions to securely eradicate your data. We make a great team that is always improving upon our security processes and procedures. We purchase a wide variety of storage media.

List of Tape Media We Actively Buy & Recycle

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