LTO 4 Tape

We Recylcle Used LTO 4 Tape uses the most secure methods for handling the destruction and eradication of your LTO 4 data. We buy and recycle LTO 4 tape. By working with us there will be no need to ask "how do I safely sell or recycle my used LTO 4 Tape."

We make the recycling process very easy. We will provide you a certificate of data destruction that shows your organization complies with SOX, HIPPA, DOD, FACTA, GLBA and other industry compliance agencies.

By selling your used LTO 4 you will be helping the environment and saving your organization money. Let's save you money! We will buy your LTO 4 Tape at an excellent rate. Take a look at the LTO-4 Tapes that we refurbish. Contact us today to ewaste your LTO4 cartridges.

LTO 4 Buyback List

Part # Manufacturer Description
26592IMATIONLTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
183906MAXELLLTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
26247007FUJILTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
003-4391-01SUNLTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
0YN156DELLLTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
95P4436IBMLTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
C7974AHPLTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB
MR-L4MQN-01QUANTUMLTO-4 Ultrium Tape 800GB/1.6TB

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