LTO 6 Tape

We Recylcle Used LTO 6 Tape

Sell or recycle your used or new LTO6 tapes -- we buy your used LTO 6. uses the most secure methods for handling the destruction and eradication of your LTO 6 media. By working with us there will be no need to ask "how do I safely sell my used LTO 6 Tape." We are an industry leader, our techniques and reach help us to provide the best value and security in the business.

We make the recycling process very easy. We will provide you a certificate of data destruction that shows your organization complies with SOX, HIPPA, DOD, FACTA, GLBA and other industry compliance agencies.

Let us help you contribute to a more health environment while saving your organization money. Electronic recycling is very economical. We provide excellent rates for your LTO 6 media. Take a look at the LTO-6 Tapes that we refurbish. Contact us today to ewaste your LTO6 tape cartridges.

LTO 6 Buyback List

Part # Manufacturer Description
29080IMATIONLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
62032TDKLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
229558MAXELLLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
16310732FUJILTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
00V7590IBMLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
C7976AHPLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
LTX2500GSONYLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
MRL6MQN01QUANTUMLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB

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