Secure Data Destruction

There are two techniques that ensure data is irretrievable. These techniques are degaussing of magnetic media and overwriting. Overwriting always ensures that storage devices can be reused. On the other-hand, depending on the type of media, degaussing can render storage devices unusable. Depending on the security need of your organization, we can determine which technique is appropriate for your use case.


Overwriting is generally a lower security standard. However, erasure procedures can be used to make sure that we overwrite full-length, every track, and every bit position several times over. This method always allows for reuse of storage devices.


Degauss is a high level security erase. Degauss guarantees that data is completely erased. However this solution is not always eco-friendly because many devices are unusable once the magnetic layer is destroyed. Below is a breakdown of storage devices that can be reused and ones that are unusable once degaussed.

Can be degaussed:

  • 4mm, 8mm, DLT, SDLT, 3480, 3490e, video and round reel.

Cannot be degaussed:

  • Optical Disks, Hard Drives, 3592, LTO, T10k, T10k 2, 3590, 9840, and 9940 cannot be degaussed.
  • Degaussing these media types completely destroys the storage medium.

StorageMedia’s Service Provides Three Levels of Security

Level 1 – reuse is allowed

  • Media that is not destroyed will be degaussed
  • Single pass erasure of media
  • These solutions are eco-friendly

Level 2 – reuse is allowed

  • Media that is not destroyed will be degaussed
  • Multi-pass erasure of media
  • DOD 5220.22-M 7 pass erasure
  • These solutions are eco-friendly

Level 3 – reuse is not allowed

  • Full degaussing and physical destruction of storage media and hard drives
  • Fully compliant with all standards and regulations
  • This solution is not as eco-friendly – many parts can be recycled but many other will end up landfills

Regardless of your security requirement, we provide a certificate of data destruction with every order.

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