Maxell LTO-5 Ultrium 1.6 TB Data Cartridge With Case

229323-R - Recertified Maxell LTO-5 Ultrium 1.6 TB Data Cartridge With Case

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Product Description

Ultrium LTO 5 is exclusively produced with NeoSmart Technology for 1.6TB of raw capacity and 3.6TB compressed capacity. NeoSmart Technology integrates seven leading-edge technologies essential to the expansion from gigabyte to terabyte storage capacities: ultra thin coating, advanced dispersion, fine metal particles, high-performance cartridges, high precision servo tracking, superior calendering and highly precise slitting. Ultra-fine, ceramic-armored metal particles with high energy and superior recording performance provide protection against corrosion. Extremely accurate servo writing technologies ensure stable servo characteristics and superior tracking reliability. Data cartridges are backward compatible with earlier generations, including read-and-write capability with Ultrium 4 cartridges, and read capabilities with Ultrium 3 cartridges.

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